RPA helps address key business challenges

While Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, does not give you a big green button that fixes all your problems, it does remove a lot of headaches that hold a business back.

Join OneStream & Decision Inc at the Westbury Mayfair in London

[Event] - Customer Success Seminar: Dyson & Global Fashion Group Thursday, November 28th | London, United Kingdom

Avoid Brexit scenario planning at your own peril

In his recent blog (“Thrive in Chaos: Predicting the future of Brexit and the UK Economy”), Decision Inc. CEO Nicholas Bell wrote that trying to predict the future in an uncertain world is a massive challenge. Just turn to Brexit to see this in action. Virtually every commentator has a different view on what might happen, by how much the UK economy will be affected, how much debt will be incurred, and whether the technology exists to create a frictionless border.

Decision Inc. UK Becomes Latest OneStream Software Implementation Partner

London, 18 October 2019 – OneStream Software today announced a strategic partnership with Decision Inc. UK to transform Corporate Performance Management (CPM) processes for sophisticated organisations around the globe.

Thrive in the chaos: Predicting the future of Brexit and the UK economy

It has been said that the market is only one tweet away from a crash. This highlights the serious instability within today’s market.

Why are many BPC Embedded projects unsuccessful?

If data-driven businesses in the digital world are to be successful, they must have an effective information strategy in place to drive growth and provide value.

Data security critical for cloud-based solutions

This requires a different mindset as security today is as much the responsibility of the cloud service provider as it is of the business using it.

Technology integration revolutionises business analytics

Today, all of this has come together under BA with big data empowering businesses to pull different insights to meet specific requirements.

Data management essential for property sector

In an industry where tenant retention and managing vacancies is critical, the property sector is driven by effective data analysis.