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Fast time to value with short adoption times and scalability. Get bots on demand, and 500+ ready-to-download bots. This is RPA at the speed of business.


The RPA platform with top-level security architecture and centralised controls that exceed the RPA security, compliance and governance requirements of global enterprises.


Combined, RPA + AI + Analytics create the only complete RPA platform designed to deliver an enterprise automated workforce.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you with tools to create your own software robots to automate any business process. Your “bots” are configurable software set up to perform the tasks you assign and control.

Dramatically reduce operating costs with zero error rates with no need to change any of your underlying business systems or applications.

Scale on demand and increase business agility with no need to change any part of the existing business processes.

Business users can build and deploy RPA bots in a matter of weeks and see ROI in a matter of days.

Cognitive Automation with IQ Bot

Cognitive automation for RPA means having bots that learn from people how to handle unstructured and unclear data so processes can be automated from end-to-end.

Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot is designed for the 80% of business processes that today rely heavily on people to locate and organise unstructured data before the process can even begin.

Users can now automate unstructured data processing end-to-end using the latest AI technologies like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic, and machine learning (ML) without the help of data scientists or highly trained experts.

Digital Workforce

The Digital Workforce and Digital Workers combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation.

Digital Workers are virtual employees that enhance and augment human work by combining AI, machine learning, RPA and analytics to automate business functions from end to end.

Digital Workers perform multiple tasks in sets of sequences, such as systematically and regularly submitting invoices from beginning to end.

They are are designed as pre-built, downloadable, plug-and-play digital personas, linking curated software robots with transactional, cognitive and analytical abilities to emulate and connect with human workers.

Over time, Digital Workers can learn to prioritise certain business and IT processes, allowing them to operate in roles with little to no supervision.

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