Decision Inc. leverages new Qlik licensing model to transform customer intelligence


14 April, 2021

Rudie Vermaak, Senior Client Partner

Decision Inc. South Africa

The global move towards subscription-based models has seen numerous leading brands reshape their licensing offerings to match changing customer and market needs. The latest company to adapt its licensing model is Qlik, moving from its traditional perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based one that’s more agile and adaptive. According to Rudie Vermaak at Decision Inc., this allows for far more flexibility, giving the business the tools it needs to fully realise the potential of the Qlik platform, but within relevant budget and requirement parameters.

“Qlik is clearly keeping up with industry trends, providing a cloud-based solution and sub-models that allow for improved scale, customisation and control. Customers can now try out different options to find the ones that will ultimately deliver value to their business.” says Vermaak.


“The subscription-based model offers customers access to products that previously wouldn’t have been part of their licensing agreements. For the smaller organisations, or those just entering the business intelligence space, this allows for a highly focused and targeted approach to intelligence management that’s effective and relevant. Smaller companies that would have been excluded from many of the Qlik business intelligence capabilities thanks to the costs, can now explore different toolkits and data systems until they find the perfect match.


“This is an extremely cost-effective way of managing the Qlik portfolio – the company has designed this new model very well,” says Vermaak. “Customers can move from the perpetual model very easily with no significant changes, and they can opt into hosting their solution in the cloud or keep it in their own environment. They have far more choice now, and this is where Decision Inc. can provide support as they explore new business intelligence capabilities.”

Decision Inc. has extensive experience working with Qlik solutions and implementing Qlik applications across organisations of all sizes. With the Decision Inc. team, organisations can unpack the value of the new licensing model within their existing investments and infrastructure and refine costs, deliverables and potential.


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