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Business Continuity

Keep your business running minimising the impact on your staff, supply chain and processes.

Minimise the impact on staff

Minimise the impact on the organisational supply chain

Minimise the impact on service delivery

Minimise impact on the IT Infrastructure

Return to normality sooner

Business Planning & Continuity

  • Crisis Management.
  • Finance and treasury plans.
  • Workplace/personal hygiene protocols.
  • HR policies and practices.
  • Pandemic communications program.
  • Overall impact on business operations.
  • IT actions and considerations.

Risk Management Portal

  • Create a secure and safe environment, accessible to
    all users across multiple channels
  • End-to-end risk management, including an
    evaluation on identified risks and recommendations
    on the necessary risk controls to be put in place
  • Enforce capturing of controls, measures and related
    actions to minimise impact
  • Highlight uncontrolled risks and outstanding activities
  • Notify and escalate activities assigned to users

Extend Your Clean Workplace/Personal Hygiene Protocols

  • Extend your already established organisation- wide hygiene protocols:
    – Provide more frequent cleaning services.
    – Place personal hygiene supplies everywhere.
  • Establish handling protocol for staff returning from affected areas (business or personal travel).
  • Ensure compliance with national, state and local workplace laws and regulations.


Ebook: Business Continuity Management – Pandemic Preparedness Planning

Ebook: The Pillars of Pandemic Planning

Ebook: Scenario Planning for Economic Uncertainty