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Covid-19 Employee Safety App


Make it safer for employees to return to work, providing controls and measures to minimise business disruption

Ensuring the health of your employees is critical to your business operations.  Minimise the COVID-19 threat on your employees through daily and routine screenings that provide visibility of potential infections and drives preventative action.

Enable swift response when infections do occur to minimise the impact on business operations and highlight possible infections and contaminated areas.

Our clear reporting framework provides live dashboards of your staff screening and enables managers to monitor the workforce’s health over time through the Reporting Portal

Capture and monitor staff's vital health criteria with ease


Improve workforce planning and social distancing measures


Communicate with staff in a central place, sharing critical information

Easy to use application, that's quick to deploy and available on any device

Capture and Monitor Employee Health and Risk Levels


  • Improve workplace planning and social distance measures through visibility of employee planned work locations and check-ins
  • Notify management and enforce strict actions on failed screenings to prevent further potential infections 
  • Highlight unplanned employee movement with mismatches in planned work vs screening locations
  • Keep digital records of screening results for audit purposes
  • Keep employees informed by understanding risks and practices to remain healthy
  • Monitor staff’s health status and availability through the Reporting Portal

The Solution Includes:

  • Deployment: Deployed into the cloud through Microsoft Office365
  • Configuration: Setup of users, locations, teams, management and escalation paths
  • Scalable: The COVID-19 App can be customised to suit your business rules and allows for additional functionality to be added