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Modern Workplace

The future of work is now.


Change and instability are here. Now is the time to reshape the way you work.

Companies need to provide their employees with tools and processes that empower them to be productive and work effectively while staying safe and healthy. Everyone needs to be able to work securely from anywhere, on any device, while staying connected to the team, collaborating and maintaining a high level of performance. It’s a fundamental change that everyone is needs to tackle.

With Decision Inc.’s solutions, you can improve your employee productivity and collaboration while maintaining their health. Create seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms while maintaining the security of your people, systems and data.

Make it easier for your team to work remotely

Keep your teams collaborating & communicating

Maintain your team's productivity and performance

Get strong engagement from all employees

Use Data & AI to run and automate tasks to keep your business running

3 Benefits of Remote Working


of people said they felt more productive working remotely.


of employers working remotely reported lower stress.


of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention.

Enable Remote Working with ease

To keep pace with rapid change, employees need to be able to work wherever they may be located, and organisations must embrace tools and habits that enable employees to dynamically swarm around a project before dispersing to the next.

Microsoft Teams is a great way to allow employees to self-form teams around important projects by organising conversations, files, meetings and tools into a single hub for teamwork. The entire team, including outside consultants, can easily access everything they need to move a project forward.

Teams is also fully integrated with Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBI and Stream, so the team can collaborate and access information without leaving their shared workspace. All files are automatically stored natively in SharePoint, and team members can even customise intranet sites with project details and announcements for your broader organisation.

Run productive meetings from any place, at anytime

The average knowledge worker spends nearly one third of their week in meetings, but the majority of people believe better preparation and more interactive discussion among attendees would make these meetings more productive.

To transform meetings, use the rich audio and video and intelligent meeting capabilities in Microsoft Teams to bring people together. During the meeting, video and screen share foster connection and focus among the group while new AI services currently in development provide auto-translation, transcription and recording so that participants get more out of the experience and anyone who missed the meeting can easily go back and watch the meeting. Following the meeting, notes and action items will be automatically transcribed and distributed to the group.

Use Data & AI to automate processes to keep your business running

Unlock the power of Robotic Process Automation. Use software robots, or “bots” to complete high-volume, repeatable tasks that historically required a human worker to complete or support.

The ideal is to create a Digital Workforce of intelligent bots that work hand in hand with your human employees – allowing them to focus on more strategic roles in the business – ultimately enabling you to scale your business more efficiently, effectively and at a lower cost.

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