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Create a roadmap to becoming a data-driven business


Organisations are keen to become data driven but don’t know where to start in creating a roadmap. Even those that have a roadmap need to still get buy-in from the rest of the organisation before starting implementation.

Building a sociable strategy and plan is necessary for having the company and the board buy into your analytics vision.

Our immersive approach to creating a data-driven strategy

A good data strategy clearly demonstrates the link between business outcomes and the organisational landscape, creates a clear business case for investing in the right tools and resources, and links to the business’s vision for the future.

Through our immersive approach, we help you drive the following critical value conversations:

Create a business case for analytics

Building a CBA/ROI

Linking Vision to the Future

Creating opportunities within your industry

Key measurements for success

Building a data-driven business

Azure analytics Challenge


We give you access to extensive resources with the knowledge, experience, and agile platforms

As a Decision Inc. client, we give you access to extensive resources with the knowledge, experience, and agile platforms to support businesses in creating their initial plan.  

By bridging the gap between intelligent platforms and business outcomes, the multi-faceted Decision Inc. teams work with businesses – working toward a consolidated and scalable approach to building data-driven businesses.

Our Methodology for Building your Data Strategy

The Analytics Strategy and Plan provides a holistic approach to developing an Analytics Strategy.

The program can be followed from start to finish to deliver a comprehensive plan, or components tailored to support the need and requirement.

    The Strategy Methodology provides a clear path to building a business plan and business case that covers in detail all of the components of a successful strategy


    Get started with building a data-driven plan and strategy in 3 easy steps

    1. Develop your strategy

    Data Strategy Workshop

    Work with our team of experts in our 2 to 4 hour Data Strategy Ambition and Design Workshop where we will cover:

    Your Data Ambitions and Design

    • Current State of Analytics within your originations
    • Your opportunity within data
    • Unpack your key data & analytics challenges
    • Defining your ambition and intentions for data & analytics
    • Structure and priorities your analytics initiatives


    What you can expect:


    Dedicated engagements with our Strategy Consultants and Analytics Managers


    Documented business imperatives for analytics


    Enable your analytics initiates through a reference architecture


    Generate 3-4 impactful analytics use cases to deploy within your organisation


    Structure a business case to get started with a technology blueprint and design

    2. strategy design

    Design Your Future Data & Analytics Strategy

    Work with our team of experts in our 2 to 4 hour Strategy Design Workshop where we will cover:

    Designing Your Analytics Future

    • Design an analytics solution to help solve your business challenges
    • Build a business case for analytics and highlight the business outcomes


    What you can expect:


    Dedicated engagements with our Strategy Consultants, Data Architects and Analytics Managers


    Detailed technology blueprint and design


    Transformation program and roadmap


    Detailed services and technology costing


    Detailed business case to start execution

    3. transformation

    Implement Your Strategy

     Once your team has completed both workshops work with our team of specialists to get value from your analytics investments.

    Focus on implementing your data strategy from program development to project execution.


    What you can expect:


    Dedicated engagements with our Data Scientists and Data Engineers


    Linking your business outcomes to your technology landscape


    Detailed program development


    Full project execution from project management to platform architecture and implementation

    Case study

    A case study with a large manufacturing client

    A global snacks manufacturer had recently acquired a major competitor. To keep track of both businesses they needed to develop an integrated Enterprise Analytics and Data Program. While this solution was being developed, they needed to continue to receive operational data with no downtime. The solution also needed to integrate with both businesses’ other systems and be able to scale for future growth. They needed to standardise common terms and leverage team efficiencies across both businesses to show value quickly.

    Data Driven Business Case

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