Stephen Garbett, MD at Copperman Consulting.

UK-based SAP business planning and consolidation specialist Copperman Consulting is using the Qlik open data analytics platform to provide additional business intelligence (BI) solutions in the local market.

This follows the October announcement that Decision Inc. has acquired a majority stake in the consultancy to establish a foothold in the UK. Based in Berkshire, Copperman provides support with the setting up of hardware, application design and development, performance enhancement, migration of data, and the training and support of users throughout the process.

“We are excited about the opportunities this deal will unlock for us. Already, we are driving the Qlik offering with several existing customers to unlock additional data insights that were previously not possible,” says Stephen Garbett, MD at Copperman Consulting.

This includes work at Segro, a British provider of public services, The Bank of Ireland, and newspaper publisher Trinity Mirror.

“Decision Inc. does BI well and Qlik enables us to expand our reach into this particular segment. Given how regulatory issues are evolving, using Qlik provides us with the peace of mind that data management complies with these requirements, and our clients as well.”

Garbett says the highly configurable environment of Qlik makes integration with existing client processes and systems a straightforward process.

“These three long-standing clients of ours are already starting to benefit from the additional insights and functionality to their reporting, which Qlik delivers. It is about consolidating systems in the most efficient way possible something that can only be done well if the right reporting structure is in place.”

According to Tony Bell, sales and marketing director at Decision Inc., the work Copperman has done using Qlik is a testament to the flexibility of the solution and how it benefits organisations across industry sectors.

“Whether it is in the public, financial, property or media industries, Qlik can accommodate any business requirement with ease. Following our acquisition of Copperman, we will be targeting growth across sectors in the months to come. It is all designed to unlock the data insights of their clients and delivering true business value,” concludes Bell.

About Copperman Consulting

Copperman are experts who understand the world of finance and the challenges it brings. For over 10 years they’ve been working with clients to implement SAP and related software, sharing their extensive knowledge to make their client’s organisation more efficient, drive down costs and support the business as it develops.

Tony Bell, sales and marketing director at Decision Inc.

Decision Inc.

Decision Inc. is a global data, digital and performance intelligence business. Its expertise in technology and industry specialisations have enabled Decision Inc. to help companies around the world make better decisions faster. Its emphasis on local excellence and global scale enables Decision Inc. to bring clients best-of-breed technology solutions that enable significant improvement, while leveraging its Global Research and Innovation teams to accelerate the time to insight. Decision Inc.’s local consulting teams are experts in the implementation, support and execution of these solutions and works with the company’s clients to deliver real results and improvement.

Business Intelligence

Contact Tony Bell, sales and marketing director at Decision Inc. to see how we can help your business

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