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Decision Inc. Helps Mining Organisations Manage Risk

Decision Inc., an information advisory, execution and enablement firm, has designed a document management accelerator specifically tailored for the intense regulatory demands of the mining industry. The Accelerator represents a substantial step forward for governance and control, assisting in mitigating the risk of non-compliance with legislated policies and procedures. Non-compliance exposes mining organisations and their management to potential legal, financial and even criminal liability.

The Document Management Mining Accelerator (DMMA) leverages the Microsoft SharePoint platform and provides companies with a configurable, system-driven workflow to facilitate the authoring, review, approval and publishing of documents. It is designed to ensure that required documentation is available to those that need it, at all times and that the latest version is always utilised.

“DMMA provides mining organisations the solution they need to easily manage and distribute key documentation throughout the relevant operational areas,” says Craig Gillham, General Manager: Content & Collaboration at Decision Inc. “The document management capabilities provided by the solution enhances the out-of-the-box functionality provided by SharePoint, and provides formal and structured workflow driven processes that are user-friendly and improves turnaround times significantly. DMMA also provides a robust layer of security to control who has access to specific content, and who can play what roles within the system”

DMMA supports the streamlining of essential business processes into a cohesive and accessible whole. The authoring of new documents is template driven, with pre-population of meta data into the documents themselves, ensuring consistency and efficiency. The solution leverages off familiar Microsoft interfaces to enable ease of use and minimal requirement for upskilling and training.

“This accelerator has been designed specifically for the unique requirements of the mining industry and caters to its need to adhere to the rules and legislation that govern the sector,” concludes Gillham. “The benefits include a powerful search facility, centrally managed document libraries for critical documents, strict access control, a built-in PDF conversion tool and so much more. We have included all of the features that enable a mining organisation to ensure regulatory compliance alongside functionality that is easy to use, easily accessible and familiar.”

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