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Decision Inc., developer of strategic business decision making solutions and technologies, has introduced South African Enterprise Development (SAED) (Pty) Ltd (“SAED”) as an investor as part of its long term strategic vision of international expansion, national growth and the development of even more dynamic client solutions.

SAED, a specialised investment company focused on providing growth capital to unlock business’ potential has acquired a stake in Decision Inc.  SAED provides an ideal fit for Decision Inc. in terms of capability, expertise and market understanding, and provides Decision Inc. with expansion capital to support its aggressive growth strategy.

“To take Decision Inc. to the next level we knew we would need to take on a capital partner who could assist us in funding the next phase of expansion and growth,” says Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc. “The people involved in SAED not only have experience in the industry, but they provide a strategic support function to the business as well. Through this partnership, Decision Inc. is now able to expand its interests internationally alongside growing our capacity in the South African market.”

The partnership forms part of the long-term growth plan laid out by Decision Inc., and will ensure steady and sustainable development well into the future. It also fits in with the Decision Inc. business model which acquires businesses that add value to its clients and ensures the organisation delivers exceptional service and support. Through this commitment to working with, and investing in, the best talent, expertise and knowledge, the company is able service the entire value chain, right from the inception of a record to the final decision point. Add to this a client roster of more than 400 clients and a significant project portfolio, Decision Inc. understands the challenges clients face and has all the tools required to resolve them.

“We saw from the start that SAED is an ideal fit for our business,” says Bell. “Not only does their knowledge and expertise support our growth ambitions, but culturally and commercially they are a stronger fit than the traditional banking route for expansion capital.  The partnership offers strong financial and strategic support and a mutual enthusiasm for the market in which we operate.”

David Pimstein, Managing Director of SAED, adds: “SAED identified Decision Inc. as a business that has distinguished itself as a leading Information Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Technology provider.  We look forward to playing an active partnership role to unlock potential and enhance the sustainability and growth of Decision Inc.”