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Piece by Piece:

The Challenges in Assembling Corporate Reports

The Challenges in Assembling Corporate Reports

Only 46% of finance teams believe they’re effective in meeting stakeholder needs. Why? A lack of collaboration between finance, business units and corporate leaders makes reporting a hardship instead of a source for inspiration and action.

In this report, you’ll learn the results from a global survey exploring the state of collaboration between finance and the rest of the organization when it comes to report efficiency, processes, volume, and content. This data can help you identify where your current shortcomings lie, and what you can do to solve them.

What to Expect in this Finance Report

It’s that dreaded time again—the time when management, the board, business unit VPs, and others—look to finance to take the pulse of the business.

Read this report Piece by Piece: The Challenges in Assembling Corporate Reports to learn what CFOs think about topics like:

  • The challenges of data gathering
  • The struggle to digest and share reports
  • The rising volume of reports and sources of data
  • How to overcome the complexity of disparate systems

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